Annual General Meeting 2013

21st Annual General Meeting of the College of Medical Administrators of Sri Lanka was held on 17th May 2013 at 7.30 pm at Hotel Janaki Colombo 5. New council for the year 2013/2014 headed by Dr. Sunil de Alwis was elected uncontested having duly proposed and seconded by members .

CMASL council 2013/2014

President's Message

President of college of medical administrators

Past presidents &

President elect,

Members of council,

Distinguished guests,

Dear members.

It is with considerable humility that I stand here,    today to assume the position of president of College of medical administrators. The shoulders of those   have been before me serve as my support and my guide. I thank them all for their leadership, which has ensured that our College of medical administrators has gone from strength to strength. It is indeed a great honor to be elected as the president of our prestigious college of Medical administrators. I accept this position with humility as it is not an easy task to lead an organization with so much of experience and professionalism.

 I have been a member of this organization for more than 14 yrs, in various capacities and active participant of all of its activities and events occurred during this period.

I would particularly like to recognize Dr Niko jayasekara, our immediate past President, who has piloted our organization in the last year .Under his Leadership College of medical administrators has emerged a stronger and more vibrant organization. Dr Niko, I owe you a great deal of gratitude and thank you for your stewardship. Niko you &other members of the council have generated the momentum to keep moving this prestigious organization forward and wisdom to keep it moving in the right direction.

                    For those who will serve in council in this year, I look forward to working with you as we collectively strive to ensure that the College grows, develops as a strong and vibrant organization serving the community of medical administrators, our health service and to our motherland. I am happy with the council we have, a fine mixture of professionals, mature (not old) senior, with enormous experience and sound academic back ground, Dynamic youngsters with enthusiasm.

This year, I will also open up to lines of communication. I hope that you will take this opportunity and participate. By sharing your ideas with me, we can lead our college together. This includes not only better communication but actually leveraging our collective strengths to influence others.

·         Our challenge this year will to find new and more effective ways of serving the membership and our health system. We will find new ways to encourage professional development, coordination, sharing of ideas, communicating & collaborating and advancing our profession. And we will touch more of our members with more services, and not less.


As we bring the members of our organization closer together, we need to look at ways in which we can work together with Ministry of Health and with Health system of the country.

Over the years CMA has faced great challenges and has survived them well. We have managed to preserve our unity and our basic standards. We have made enormous strides in improving our standards and in numbers. However we cannot rest on our laurels .We are living in an rapidly changing world, world of good governance and management, new standards, new kinds of interactions and new forms of competition. All of these effect our profession most profoundly

What I have in mind:-

1.       To set standards of our profession

2.       To represent our profession

3.       To improve our profession

4.       To safeguard the interests of our members

5.       To strengthen our image among professionals

In this context I have identified key trust areas that we should focus on:-

1. Represent the interests of college in the Health system more strongly; I am happy that both Secretary of Health and Director General of Health Services are our members and key personnel in CMA.

2. Reduce the isolation from the main structure of policy formulation.

3. More active contribution to the efforts of Secretary of Health and DDG in their activities.

4. Transparency and equity.

5. Welfare and responsiveness to the interests of membership, particularly to the junior members and while optimum sharing of experience of senior members.

6. Interaction of academic, technical and technological advancement in to our profession.

 One of the things we have not realized is the strength that is inherent in our profession or the powerful impact that we can each and collectively have on our health system; many of us still under estimate our potential and the value that we can make in the system. I have selected my presidential theme medical administration ‘towards a strong, efficient and innovative health system in Sri Lanka.

Thank you once again for this opportunity to serve as president; I appreciate your faith and promise. I will do all I can with you to make this a successful year. I am bold enough to take some bold measures, with your help of course. Not because I am too bold, there are so many other bald presidents come in future, and I am the first of this bold generation. Thank you

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